About Us

SAREIA is an organization for Real Estate Investors and Real Estate Professionals. We don't just talk about deals completed back in the dark ages, but instead actively search through and invest in the San Antonio real estate market. It is our intention to educate and motivate real estate investors in order to achieve the success they desire. The ongoing education is endless, and as a result, with your commitment, your goals have the potential to evolve along with your level of success in the real estate.

Mission Statement

The purpose of SAREIA is to provide a better understanding of real estate investing in a dynamic environment for all investors, from beginners to full-time professionals, where all members will have the opportunity to enhance their investing education, in addition to freely networking with all in attendance.

Who Attends and Why?

Our attendees range from full-time and part-time to new and experienced investors with an array of educational backgrounds.

More importantly, in attendance are professionals that support real estate investors such as attorneys, private money lenders, title agents, mortgage brokers, real estate agents, etc., all of whom have knowledge and expertise to add to your investing success.

Why Choose Us?

  • Originally established in 2002 to help investors to learn and succeed
  • Expert national and local speakers
  • Incredible membership perks such as free admission to many events and discounts to vendors' place of business
  • Networking opportunities in San Antonio's largest REIA (Real Estate Investors Association)
  • SAREIA's president is an experienced real estate investor, broker, and attorney with 17+ years of experience.

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